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Flour is not just food to us; instead, it's a feeling of ultimate satisfaction. Not exaggerating, but Indian Thalis are almost incomplete without item(s) made from flour. These finely milled grains play a vital role in our daily diet. The good part is that flour is not just limited to a single grain. We Indians consume flour made from a variety of grains like wheat, rice, millet, lentils, maize, semolina, chickpeas, etc. Even these varieties have different subcategories, which make our flour list endless. Moreover, they are marketed uniquely according to the need like the chapatti flour and the idli flour.


Wheat Flour

It is the flour that we Indians consume mostly. Punjab is the largest producer of wheat in our country. It is said that about 20% of Indian wheat and its varieties are grown in this region. Two flours are commonly used: atta and maida. Due to its high gluten content, it is the perfect option to make a variety of Indian bread such as roti and paratha, etc. Along with it, due to high bran content, it is very healthy.


In the packaging industry, majorly, two types of cylinders are used. One is the Electronically engraved cylinder, and the other one is Chemically engraved cylinders. Both these are used according to the preferences. Electronically engraved cylinders provide better printing quality at a slightly higher cost than Chemically engraved cylinders, which is economical. Once the design is approved by the customer, cylinders are sent for engraving. Once the cylinders are ready, a cylinder printing proof is made. Both cylinder proof and existing bag are brought together so that they can be matched or just cylinder proof is evaluated in case of new design.


Made from the mixture of chickpeas, besan is one of the main items in sub-continent cuisines. The flour has an earthy flavor adding savor and is yellow. Chickpea flour makes a crispy and tasty coating for vegetable pakoras. The variety of chickpea pasta is based on the kind of chickpea. An individual could utilize either roasted or raw chickpeas.

Rice Flour

Rice flour is also an essential part of our daily diet. We Indians are fond of recipes made from rice flour, whether it's idli, dosa, or pancakes, and in south India, one can't imagine the plate without it. It is a good thickening agent. Other than India, many other countries use rice flour to make rice noodles, crackers, and cakes, etc. Also, it is easier to digest as compared to wheat flour. Most importantly, it is a good substitute for people who are gluten intolerant.


Suji, also known as semolina, is one of the healthiest foods we consume. One can find it in many Indian recipes and dishes. Almost every household uses this often. Especially the south Indians love to use it in their breakfast dishes. It is also a good option for health-conscious people. If you are craving to lose weight, you can desire for suji as it will be the best pick for your diet chart.