PP bag


When you are in an industry that requires specific packaging solutions for your products, choosing the correct bags is as important as producing quality products. One of the most prominent packaging solutions in the industry, Block Bottom Bags, truly stands out for its qualities. Also known as AD*STAR bags, Block Bottom Bags are ideal substitutes for your costly paper bags. Shaped as a brick-like form, it is widely used in the various industries.


UV Protection from 200 to 1600 Hours

Valve for easy filling

Cannot be tampered as is hermetically (air-tight) sealed

Moisture resistance


High load-bearing capacity

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of Block Bottom Bags involves various vital steps. It begins with loading a tubular roll of coated/laminated - printed woven fabric on the machine. As it passes through the machine, the fabric is first cut according to the bag cut length. Then, at the end(s) of the bag, one side of the fabric is flipped over the other and sealed hermetically (air-tight) using heat and pressure. Another roll unwinds itself to provide a rectangular strip to overlap the bag's tight end(s). This process is called patching. The patch's material is the same as that of the bag, and the size is predetermined. The creation of the valve takes place while the patch is attached. Finally, the block bottom bag is collected at the end of the machine.

Material Combination

Majorly PP woven Block Bottom Bags are made using coated & printed woven fabric.

With Flexographic Printing :

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Shape of bottom Brick shape
Material Coated PP woven fabric
Tap Width 2.5 mm - 5 mm
Fabric 50 GSM-80 GSM
Coating 17 GSM-25 GSM
Width 300 mm 600 mm
Length 430 mm - 910 mm
Bottom Width 80 mm - 180 mm
Color As per requirement
Type Valve or Open mouth
Valve Material Coated PP Woven Fabric
Attachment of Patches Sealing process with hot air & pressure